What do we believe?

It seems to me that current society believes modern society is rational and reasonable as we only believe in what we can prove scientifically. We are better and cleverer than generations that have gone before.

We do what we like when we like and believe it is our right as individuals to do what pleases us and turn a blind eye to negative consequences if we believe society won’t judge us for our decision.

Does this make us happy?

Is it morally right?

We believe morals make people judgemental and we believe it is wrong to judge people as that is discrimination.

But are we missing something?

It is wrong to judge a human for their personality, their soul, their physical characteristics that make them unique and cannot be changed, but what about their behaviour? You cannot change your physical self, but you can change your behaviour.

I believe as a Mother that it is my duty to bring up children who behave well according to 2 simple rules. If my children stick to these rules they can be absolutely true to themselves whoever they might become.

My rules come from economic theory. They are rational and reasonable, but science would discount them as they rely on faith in the human spirit, something you cannot yet prove to exist scientifically.

Rule 1. The Pareto Criterion – You cannot make one person better off if it makes another person worse off unless you can compensate them. We are all of equal worth – all races, religions, ethnicities, sexes.

Rule 2. The Prisoner’s Dilemma (We are all prisoners in our own minds, in the prisoners dilemma the rational choice leads to the worst outcome, if everyone had faith and trust we would reach the best outcome) – Believe in yourself as a good kind human and have faith that others are good and kind too. If you behave well to others, people will behave well towards you. If someone is unkind to you, first look to yourself and see if your behaviour needs to change, but if you have done nothing to deserve unkindness, forgive the wrong and move forward without losing faith.

These rules are what I was brought up with. Not explicitly, through music, stories, culture, education, training, experience. I have managed to refine my whole being down to these 2 rules due to an experience when I was forced to question everything I know and believe to be true. 

I believe my rules have allowed me to live a good and happy life where I have pleased myself and followed my hearts desire, but without allowing society to corrupt me into denying any negative consequences. I feel resolved that my actions have not caused the pain or suffering of another and I do my best to live ethically and within my means. I carry no burden of guilt, just like a child. It is only through my recent experience that I have regained my innocence. It gives me inner peace and contentment and allows me to speak my mind and express my thoughts. So I won’t judge you as a person, but I will try to help you lead a better life by telling my story and teaching the lessons I have learnt.

We can all learn to be better people as judged by our children, children judge us by our actions, not by the justification we give to excuse bad behaviour.

What is bad behaviour?

Anything that breaks the rules – there are only 2 rules, how hard can it be?


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