The wrong questions

I believe all people are created equally, this means I believe I am equal to the worst criminal sitting in a prison as well as Jesus, Plato, Aristotle, Budhha, The Queen, some random Mother born millennia ago who first told the story of Adam and Eve. We’ve just had different life experiences that’s all and the only reason I’m not a criminal in prison is because I have faith in myself and in others so have managed to lead an honest life. Until this year I also believed the authorities stood for the same things as me so I would be protected from the bad behaviour of others, but now I realise that isn’t so. It appears to me that the current authorities in England believe all people are inherently bad and to blame and deserving for any bad things that happen to them. I disagree. Vehemently!

Anyway, questions…

For centuries people have been asking how we were created and where is God and atheists have been poo pooing a whole religion as they don’t believe in a God on high. But just because God isn’t in outer space and we know about Darwin’s theory of evolution it doesn’t mean the Bible stories aren’t true.

Stop thinking literally and think metaphorically.

Stop trying to pick holes and show how clever you are and just accept there was a reason for the story to be included in the Bible and try to work out the lesson it is trying to teach. I haven’t read the whole Bible. I might do one day, but if you are a pedant I am sure you can find a story that is rubbish, contradictory to the main message of love and use that to dismiss the whole book. Don’t be such a teenager. Think a bit harder about why society at that time wanted to include that story. Extract the goodness from it, if there is no goodness in the story, dismiss that story, not the whole book.

What is Adam and Eve about? If you think back to when the story was created you can get a better understanding of why it endured.

Society was much simpler then. People would have lived in family groups with everyone knowing everyone. They would have taught their children about God as being the person the adults answer to in order to keep society equal and manage resources fairly. Then when the youngsters reach puberty and get a dose of hormones/energy, they would have been able to see that it is the grown ups who are actually in charge of resources and making things fair and that leads to them being tempted to go against the rules. After all, the only person they are answerable to is themselves. They would then have used their extra dose of hormones/energy to start building their own family, or wanting to explore and gain new knowledge of how things truly work. After having a few children the Mother would begin to learn from the children and understand why the rules they adhered to as a child were necessary and why belief in a God who was fair helps the children to believe in themselves. They would then be able to relax and let go a little as they teach their children to take responsibility for themselves so they can go back to feeling carefree again and regain their innocence.

So Adam and Eve were like innocent children having responsibility free and innocent fun, protected by God (parents). Eating from the tree of knowledge is what happens when they reach puberty and work out it is the adults who are actually responsible for creation (of children) and being fair and good. This sends them out of the Garden of Eden as responsibility makes things tougher – they are forced to grow up and cut the apron strings, realising the buck stops with them. There is nobody to blame if things go wrong but themselves.

Then Cain and Abel. What’s that all about? Sibling rivalry of course and the fact that parents aren’t perfect and they have their own likes and dislikes and you should aim to use your unique talents to please yourself, not your parents. God just happens to prefer sheep to the arable offerings of Cain (have I got that the right way round? I ought to check with a bible, but I’ll let you do that, or you can just go with the general gist), but Cain cares so deeply that his offering isn’t preferred that he kills his brother. Cain is then given the choice to conquer over sin. He has committed a terrible crime through jealousy, yet instead of being struck down he is still given the option to learn how to change his behaviour.

We haven’t changed biologically since Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel. Think about how cosseted and carefree you were as a child (assuming you had a happy childhood – I hope you did), now modern society is in teenage. We are stuck in the doing phase, striving for more knowledge, building our families, our homes, trying to work more hours to afford more stuff. We are still looking for ultimate approval, a validation for our lives so that we can reach a point where we can relax and just enjoy “being” again, like a child. But it is only when we stop “doing” and look around to see the only people we are accountable to is our children that we can relax.

Children don’t care what their parents do for a living, they don’t care if they are rich or poor providing they are safe and looked after. Our children accept us as we are. As people. As the human animal we have been trying not to be as we substitute status, money, knowledge, drugs, alcohol for the feeling we miss from childhood. The feeling is still there within us. We just have to slow down and allow ourselves to just “be”. Let go of all our hang ups and insecurities, our children can’t see them. Our children judge us by our actions towards them and others, the way we make them feel, not by what we say or how much stuff we give them. Acknowledge you have insecurities and hang ups and work out how to resolve them so you don’t pass them on. Take full responsibility for your life then begin to let go and relax and teach your children how to be responsible too – use my 2 rules, they are all you need.

So basically what I’m saying is, stop wondering about God. Accept that a Mother created God to help children learn how to take responsibility for themselves and live a fair and joyful life. God is relevant to us today as we still suffer the same failings as humans millennia ago – wanting to know too much, not enjoying responsibility, but also not enjoying being told what to do by mere mortals, jealousy, seeking approval.

We are no better emotionally, mentally or physically than the first people who walked the earth, we just think we are because our society is so complicated we’ve distanced ourselves from our humanity.

So stop questioning where, what, how God and begin to understand why.


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