Environment and Equity

On the news tonight are the dreadful floods down South and a poor couple with disabiities possibly having to move house due to the bedroom tax.

What is the state doing about it? In a weird distracting way they are telling us to concentrate on the job in hand in order to avoid talking about their policies which are leading to disasters impacting more people and the gap between rich and poor widening. They say the devil is in the detail, I reckon they’re going to congratulate themselves once the environmental disaster has passed and continue to stick to policies that don’t account for the reality that everyone faces.

If policy makers opened their eyes to the reality of life in this country they might do a better job, but just like my vicar and the scientist in Kielder, they are allowing their vision to be clouded by their belief in their own good judgement and to hell with climate change and inequality.

If only they could accept the concept of a loving God to rule their hearts and minds they would have perfect empathy for the people suffering and therefore be shocked into action and they would be able to open their eyes to the reality of a wrathful God of creation who will punish our apathy and inaction. (Yes I know God is just a metaphor, I’m not an idiot, but why can’t we accept the metaphor if it means the government can feel empathy for humanity and fear of the uncontrollable, unpredictable environment?)

Short termism and the need to maintain popularity cause foolish decisions to be made.

Sacrifice popularity and get real. Shit happens, how we deal with it is what is important. Until we sacrifice our childish, immature beliefs of how good and clever we are as individuals, we will never be able to access the truth and logic we need to handle the shit as it happens and better still prepare ourselves and predict what we need to do to avoid the shit.

Thirst for knowledge is causing us to abandon our need to strive for perfection as humans. Empathy and understanding allow us to process information quickly and accurately, but nobody wants to feel too deeply or think too hard, so we just stay as we are and turn a blind eye to the inequality around us and the possibility of our mass consumption being the cause of climate change.

WAKE UP!!!!!!! I just want to shake everyone.


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