Belief and science Vs Faith and Economics

At church today (yes, I do go even though I know and understand God differently to modern society, both christians and atheists) the vicar was going on about how he likes to go to Kielder Observatory and one of the scientists there said something like “I wouldn’t want to abuse my children by telling them lies” about christianity and the vicar said something like although he had a concept of the universe, it was his “belief” in God that made him special. Basically both men are stuck in their ways and their beliefs and have closed their minds to any alternative, both believing their judgement is somehow “better” than the other. I believe in equality, so for either to believe they are better than the other makes them both wrong in my book.

Anyway, creation is only one part of what God has supposedly done. In real life it makes no difference to me whether God made the world or magic or science. In truth, to me they are all about the same and ultimately I have to just accept the world is here and be glad to be in it.

So scientists are able to go off on one about how the world was created and priests can go off on one about the same, but what do I tell my children? If I believe it is important that I am all knowing I will tell them with confidence either God or the big bang. Either way I am the holder of knowledge and I can answer my child’s questions so they don’t need to keep annoying me by asking (damn their inquisitiveness!!). The truth is, to a 4 year old, the truth is less important than the ability to imagine the whole world and our insignificance within it. So to hell with the scientists and the priests, I’m a Mother and I want my children to have open inquiring minds so maybe I’ll say “I don’t know, what do you think?” or maybe I’ll tell them both theories and ask them which they like best? So long as their minds remain open to new learning and they can appreciate the beauty around them and lift their eyes up to the skies and imagine the vastness of the universe and be able to focus on the detail in each individual flower. It really doesn’t matter for now.

Then the vicar went on about a man telling him he followed the 10 commandments and the vicar looked at him and thought, “you liar” as in the 10 commandments it says you mustn’t get angry (I’ve just checked, it doesn’t, but lets allow the vicar to be right for the sake of argument). The vicar believes that everyone gets angry, so nobody can keep the commandments. But since my time in hospital I have been able to remove anger from my life. Anger comes to us when our pride is hurt or we are told we are wrong or we hear about injustice. It is possible to let go of anger and let in curiosity, forgiveness, understanding as a response instead of anger. If we all want to be good humans I can’t see anything wrong with striving to rid ourselves of anger. I get irritated and annoyed every day, but when I do I tend to speak it out e.g. why are these shoes here, put them away in the cupboard, or what is this dreadful mess? Gargh!!! I don’t get angry and I can let my feelings out so I don’t build up resentment.

So at the end of church I told the vicar his sermon was wrong and that he might think he knows God, but I think he lacks understanding. I explained why and he said “don’t tell me you don’t get angry” and I said, well not really and I do try not to let things make me angry, that’s the thing about filling your heart up with love (like Jesus says), it’s hard to feel anger when you love everything, so I said again that I thought he was wrong to think the man a liar. This got the vicar really angry!!! And he said “I’ll pray for you (with pointing finger) it sounds like you need it!!” 

I couldn’t help but think he proved my point! He is judging others by his own failings. That isn’t what a good human should do. We should be aware of our failings and strive to increase our empathy and understanding so we can be as good as we possibly can be. The vicar seemed to think it didn’t matter how he lived his life, so long as he believed in God. That is just stupid and arrogant. He even said that he knew atheists who lived better than him, but it was his belief that was important. Absolutely wrong.

How we live is important, not just for ourselves, but for others – God is also an economist. We mustn’t live selfishly as it has an impact on other humans in a world of finite resources. Believing that we can be as greedy as we like because science will find the answer is as stupid and arrogant as the vicar. We need to have faith that if we do our bit to be good and frugal, others will do the same, otherwise if we believe others will be greedy, it might make us want to grab and snatch as much as we can for the sake of our children if not for us.

So to hell with scientists and priests, they’re as bad as one another. Humanity needs to have faith in itself, or an empathetic God of economics. Without faith all hope is lost, without economics to help us understand why behaving well is good for all we have lost sight of the cooperative animals at the centre of our being. That’s God that is. We are God of our own lives, but it takes a lifetime to understand and truly know our internal judgement system. Animals know themselves better than we do. Why do you think Jesus made the story of his birth take place in a stable among the beasts? Society had got a bit up itself then too.